The girl of my dreams

“She huged me from behind and it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt in my whole life. I was ashamed about the situation and loving it at the same time, however my shame didn’t let me do more but to lean my head against hers. I breathed her perfume and it made my shame fade away but when I finally was ready to turn around and hug her back she let me go and walked away. I tried to call her and run after her but couldn’t move. I opened my eyes and woke up, she was gone forever.”

I couldn’t stop thinking about her for a week, I never saw her face in my dream, just knew she kinda represent someone real in life. You’ll see, I’ve a platonic love, a crush if you will, I don’t know how to call it. She is the most beautiful human being I’ve seen so far, at least physically.

I know her name, I’ve watched one of her series just to saw her, I’ve listened to a couple of her songs, but that’s it. I’ve no idea of herself or her personality, and I’m the kind of people who doesn’t care if the person is The Most Attractive Person Ever Born, if her personality is awful I’m not interested. You’ll see, I’m not a crazy fan, but it’d be one of the best days of my life if I’d meet her. At least to get disapointed or in the worse scenario to fall more in love.

Her name? She is Dove Cameron, or at least that’s her artistic name.

The girl of my dreams
Dove Cameron by Ache