Stop dreaming and start living

May 2 2017

The way to work, my last work, used to be pretty weird. Back then I was working 12 hours four days a week and my shifts were some months at dayshift some moths at nightshift. No holidays, therefore from time to time, fortunately I didn’t had to deal with traffic. And since some of those days were holidays I saw the city completely empty a few times on my way back home or going to work.

I use to drive singing to my favorite music, generally something by Eminem or Maroon 5, and sometimes I like to listen to a podcast or an audiobook. By then the idea of a round the world trip had already been on my mind for a couple of years constantly. And the few things I was able to enjoy at the moment apart form food since I was already chubby, were the few landscapes I was able to watch on my way home or while going to work and a few times traffic, or lack of it, and weather helped a bit to let me take a nice picture of my route.

Way to work (1)
Av. Río Consulado – Mexico City

I was driving home over Av. Río Consulado and the city was almost empty that day. The sun posed for me, painting a beautiful sunrise sky.

Do you remember the photographer Sean O’Connell, interpreted by Sean Penn, on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? That’s exactly how I’d like to work and live.

There’s a moment he is waiting for to take a picture of a snow leopard over the Himalayas. But right when the shot was perfect he simply stops and enjoy the moment through his own eyes instead of the camera and take the picture so the moment passes by.

Just by chance someone knows how can I get a job like that one? I swear that’s one of my biggest dreams. What he says next it was pretty unexpected to me coming from the character Sean Penn plays.

“Sometimes I don’t take the shot, if I enjoy a moment then I make it mine, something personal.”

That’s what I call to really live. We let ourselves to get trapped in the daily routine and don’t stop to really enjoy the moment.


Next time it was at October 8th and I was coming back from work around 7:30 P.M. Some buildings were illuminated with a pink light to celebrate women’s day for the whole month, expecting to raise awareness about breast cancer. A soft rain gave to me a beautiful scene that was worth photographing from the Archivo general de la nación building, located at Av. Ing. Eduardo Molina.

Way to work (2)
Archivo general de la nación at Av. Ing. Eduardo Molina. – Mexico City

That day I realized I had to do what the producers from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty said, stop dreaming and start living. I hope next pictures I share would be of a better quality since these, the ones from the next couple of posts and the one from The day the universe told me…, were taken with an old iPhone 5.