The day the universe told me…

April 27 2017

There I was sitting on my desk trying to develop a program asked by my boss for one of the clients. I used to like my job, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I was daydreaming with traveling the world as a backpacker since three years earlier. Although actually I think it all started even earlier back when I was around six years old but that’s a story for another post.

I was an ABAP consultant at a nice enterprise, had a good income, nothing fancy but with just a few years on business everything could have got so much “interesting”. I wasn’t happy though, I was just paying my bills while trying to get better at what I was working on and learn new stuffs trying to get my next increase. I had to stay all day long sitting in front of my laptop trying to find a bug on a code someone had work at before. I was getting fatter and fatter, getting more tired and having to face four hours of traffic, me as part of that traffic, at the beginning and at the end of my day. Wasn’t even taking vacations so I could save a little more money for that dream trip around the world.

The only “vacations” I used to have, if it could be called like so although I don’t think so, were while working and there was a long weekend, I was sent on a business trip or it was a holiday and sometimes not even then.

Was on one of those long weekend trips that it turned out the universe was trying to talk to me. I didn’t realized immediately, it just felt like a coincidence. I was waiting at a mall for my friend who was buying a coffee when I noticed a little bookcase on the side of the coffee place with a few magazines on it and there it was…

Deja todo y viaja por el mundo
Life & Stile magazine – “Deja todo y viaja por el mundo.”

Just sitting there like it wouldn’t matter this magazine with the sentence “Leave everything and travel the world”. I didn’t knew it until three years later that it wasn’t a coincidence but the universe talking to me.

I didn’t even take it in count farther than just something funny that deserved a quick picture.

I knew already I don’t need to much money to travel actually, but I was scared of doing it and there were three more years of hard personal grow work ahead waiting for me to discover a bunch of stuffs about myself, life and so on, in order to be capable of leave everything and travel the world.

Today I’m finally ready. I still being afraid of course, but I have learned how to conquer it every time it appears. I’m sure of what I want, I’m willing to go for it, make it mine and I believe on myself. Dare yourself to do the same whatever your dream be, whatever the universe is telling you to do. There’s so much wisdom on the universe and it’s taking pictures of you constantly, chase your dream and transform it into a reality. If you dream about it is because you can make it true.

“That who doesn’t travel thinks his mother is the best cook in the world.” Uganda Proveb