Keeping calm and flowing like water.

April 25 2017

I watched Eat Pray Love yesterday night, being in a similar situation to Julia’s in this moment of my life since around a year ago. Pretty different though since there’s no divorce as a background. I’m struggling to become a traveler.

One of my biggest dream it would be to become a photographer for NatGeoGoNomad or any like them and travel to share my words to the world meeting weird people, new people, different people. To be able to have those kind of experiences where you communicate and have so much fun with someone who doesn’t even speak the same language you do.

I’ve been working on myself before anything else. Learn how to flow like water and although I’ve not yet been capable of master it I wanna share with you the few things I’m working on since I started this journey.

Brush your teeth and clean your bowl.

There are  lot of post I’ve found that have been copied and posted exactly as so, word by word and don’t wanna do the same so although I’m not sure where I read it I wanna write about it. I think it was at Zen pencils where I found a post that talked about the best Zen tips and the one out of the five I’ve been practicing from those is simply to brush my teeth and clean the bowl after eating without thinking anything but what I’m doing at the moment. Focus on the movement of the brush back and forward instead of thinking on the news I read, the talk I had or whatever. Same when I finish eating wash my bowl immediately while focusing only on it by the moment.

Calm 5 min.

I learned how to meditate like two years ago and I love the feeling of going back to the most basic thing, just existing. It’s always hard at the beginning to let thoughts go and take awareness those thoughts and even those feelings are not who the real me is. I rather to do it at the middle of the early morning before I sleep, pretty late at 2 am or so, since there’s when the noises get so quiet the ears start buzzing. Love that feeling. Is one of the best things I’ve experienced, feeling so numb, relax. I know how to meditate by myself, never the less I prefer to use Calm as a guide from time to time.


Keep up balance, mind, body, spirit. I’ve neglected a lot of my person several times in life. Now I know I can’t function correctly like so. I can focus on taking care of one single part but I won’t flow as good since I’m not just one part of myself. I lose 18 kilograms last time and got in shape. I’ve been feeding my mind through languages and new knowledge and I’ve strengthen my spirit and feeding it, although in different moments. But to keep the balance is key, just need patience, it won’t be from today to tomorrow.

Am I happy?

As simple as that, remember the question Jobs asked himself every day? Just changed a little and more than once a day. Am I happy at this very moment? Yes? A bit? No? This have helped me to become a bit more aware of the present and to realize that I’m happier than I thought I was. To notice this, to me, is a huge motivation.