About blogs

April 17 2017

Woow, to find out what to write about it’s actually pretty complicated once you try to start if you have not clear a certain topic yet. Personally I love short and practical posts. I’m more into the blogs as post lists. But I’m not really a blogger yet, still starting and that’s as a matter of fact the reason why I’m writing about it. I’m more a reader than the blogger kind of person and I know the kind of things I want to check out and the kind of pages users like me wanna find in a blog no matter the subject.

  • Use the date on your post

Ok, imagine you are looking for some info about an offer, places to invest, new technology or whatever. Most information nowadays is useless if it belongs to last year. Not to mention that it is pretty anoying to read a content you are interested about just to find out later on the post it belongs to 2015 or earlier and it’s useless information now.

  • Do not use pop-ups to make people sign into your blog.

I know, there are a lot of blogs about the bunch off mistakes made by begginers, like myself, and most of them talk about not asking your audience to do another step like suscribing.

Let’s be honest, you hate the fact that you need to suscribe in every single app, web page and service you like or wanna just try out. Is even worst when it’s the first, and probably only time, you are reading a blog and suddely outta of nowhere appears that tiny irritating window interrupting your quick scan through the post.

  • Advertisements colocation

Is obvious that advertisements is where bloggers, free sites and apps get their revenue, is not the only place you can get it from, though it does is the most comfortable way. Ok apart from that there is not a good reason to put advertisements right in the middle of your article, post or whatever. Put it on the side people! On top or at the bottom, but not in the middle of the whole thing.

  • For real 1000 words?

Keep it simple, less is more. You don’t need to write the “how to get -fill the blank- quick and easy” kind of titles to get people attracted. How many times have you walked out of a place where a bunch of people were around something and you just felt the need to go and check it out? Same happens in the internet, even more if you put the share button in the right place. You just need to remember that people call people and be clever.

Let’s face it, no one is gonna read 1000 words at least the reader is truly interested on the subject. So far 484 on this post and I already feel it was too much.